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Hello again, Jack is back. Thanks for the comments of Part 1 Re - cap : Jess is sitting to my right on the couch and we suck on me Dan, while masturbating for her. My right hand is in her panties from behind bravovids with three fingers on it. That's all it takes, but me and Dan are still fully clothed. I'm sucking tit when she puts her hand on my cheek and says, ' deserve much more attention' in a baby voice, and make a little false grin. Very sexy! I held out my cock Dans mouth and pointed to her pussy. He fell to his knees, grabbed his underwear and pulled, then buried his head between his legs. I could see the tension in the muscles of his neck when he tried to regain his tongue into her as deeply as possible. His head turned, and she complained loudly, I was on the couch in front of her and grabbed her hair with both hands and pushed my cock into her mouth and took her face only. He called me a dirty little bitch, and it exploded, orgasm, grabbing her head and DanSoaking his face. I took my cock from her mouth and said, ' Damn right I'm a bitch, get out of your TV and fuck me' Jessica was on the couch, dressed in record time and got on it. Dan sat on the floor bravovids next door and broke a cigarette. His cock was back in his pants now, but were undone yet, and to get your free hand, as he slid into his girlfriend. She wrapped her legs around my back, we kissed passionately and went straight to a slow and deep. I bravovids took her little ass bravovids in his hand and knew he was not able to take a very long time. I moved to the knees to keep the legs bent at the waist and rubbed his thumb over her clit as she slowly pushed me deep. Dan put his cigarette to his lips and took a long train, shuddered and came, while exhaling smoke. That did it for me. I was just in time to shoot my sperm in her womb. Dan put bravovids out his cigarette and kissed her on the mouth, neck and chest. I rolled them to his side slipped one leg flat on the couch and the other self in the air. I held my cock in it, was not as bravovids stiff as a minute ago, but I could feel the force of return. Jess grabbed Dan and pulled his jeans penis with both hands to rub and play with his balls. He wrapped his legs in the air with me and moved me over, taking the back of the head and pushed his cock in the mouth of Dan. He pulled her hair and squeezed her tits around me, suggested to her ass and grabbed her breasts. I lifted his shirt over his head and his hand on the back of the head and we kissed, our tongues were investigating each others mouth, kissing passion, meanwhile pumped our cocks in her fucking beautiful bride ! Jess screamed and writhed as he approached again, drowned out by the cock in her mouth Dan. Remove and knealt over bravovids her face and she had a cock in each hand and masturbated strengthens us. Our cocks were touchingING and licked the tip of the two simultaneously. Dan first shot covered her face with his sperm shot I am all the neck and chest. We broke a lot sweaty, sticky and had a drink and a cigarette, the back, while breathing. know I'm going to something, and we have not yet reached the bedroom, so that becomes part 3 if you want bravovids to hear the rest....
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